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Artify 22-73
Artify | Easel Stand | Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display - Artify
Artify | Easel Stand | Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display - Artify
Artify | Easel Stand | Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display - Artify
Artify | Easel Stand | Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display - Artify
Artify | Easel Stand | Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display - Artify

    Artify 22-73" Double Tier Art Easel Stand — For Adults, Metal Tripod for Painting Canvas and Display with Carrying Bag, Floor/Table-Top 3 in 1

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    • DOUBLE-LAYER- Bigger object can be held because it is displayable in two different layers in terms of height.
    • STURDY- Lightweight Stainless Steel alloy (30%+ lighter and more resistant than other metal), upper spring clamp and non-slip rubber feet get things fasten in the right place.
    • ✔ INSTRUCTION- Metal material, very stable, can be applied to tools within 5KG, the maximum load-bearing capacity is 5KG.
    • TALL & ADJUSTABLE- 73" height is comfortable to stand and paint especially for tall users. Meanwhile, it can also be used on the tabletop or any height in between.
    • EASY CARRY & SETTING UP- Compact design is great for carrying around. The height can be handily fine-tuned.
    • USER-FRIENDLY- Thoughtful spare parts, user manual, and odorless carry bag provide better user experience than any other in the market.
    • VARIOUS SCENARIOS- Suitable scenarios include function-wise (painting and displaying), place-wise (indoor and outdoor), posture-wise (standing or sitting).
    Artify Double Tier Easel Stand,3 in 1, for Painting and Display with an Carrying Bag and Spare Parts
    Artify Easel Stand -- Anywhere, Anytime, Artify yourself!
    For Artify's dear customers and as the first easel of Artify family, the ARTIFY Easel is designed to match all your needs as a most sturdy, convenient, durable and double-tier one.


    ◄What’s New About Double Tiers?
    The tall of easels can be adjustabled, tabletop , outdoors, anywhere you want. Double-tier provides a fresh perspective to discover the use of portable easels, the lower tier adds value to the product as a portable display stand.


    ◄Why Is 73 Inches The Perfect Height?►
    73-inch height is suitable for most people and different scenarios. Enough height reduces body pain and enriches user experience.


    ◄How Does ARTIFY Easel Stand Out By Its Top Quality And Convenience?►
    Top easel deserves top accessories. Enclosed are a color-designed instruction manual, durable spare parts and odorless carrying bag with premium zipper, corresponding with the original easy-carry and -setup, compact design and (double-tier) adjustable height of ARTIFY Easel.
    Through 100+ careful tests and experiments, ARTIFY Easel always remains sturdy and stable with the maximum weight of less than 11 lbs.

    What's Included in the Package?
    • Integrated Design: Designed to be easily carried and quickly set up.
    • Carrying Bag: No need to worry about being unable to carry it, the smooth zipper experience brings more fun.
    • Extra Spare Parts: These seven little things can extend the life of ARTIFY Easel with no doubt. DIY tool-kit for back-up repair and replacements keeps sustainable usage.
    • Instruction Manual: With the help of an instruction manual, brain cells can be saved for some other issues. A clear instruction manual enclosed for easily setting up and storing tips.
    • Mental Alloy Tube: The elegant body that is made of mental is more resistant and lighter than other metals.
    • Self-Tightening Clamp: Using the clamp to fasten the object in position and prevent it from tipping over.
    • Non-Slip Feet: The rubber feet prevents easel from slipping on most surface.
    • Item Weight: 2.79 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: 24.2 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
    • Item Weight: ‎3.84 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: ‎24.6 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches
    • Item Weight: ‎5.79 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: ‎‎24.75 x 7.8 x 3.8 inches



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