How to Draw a Parrot With Professional Markers

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on July 06, 2021

Parrots, a variety of fruit-eating birds in tropical and subtropical forests, are admired or loved by people for their bright feathers and good language imitating skills, and arouse artists' passion for painting creation.

British artist and poet Lear Edward (1812-1888) personally painted and published a parrot picture book in 1832. More than forty parrots of various shapes leaped on the paper in his pen, lifelike, as if they were a free-dancing, free-roosting ethnic tribe in a tropical forest.

These beautiful birds are regarded as a symbol of wisdom. In the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea, it is regarded as a national bird. The national emblem of this country is a macaw named "Cissero", which is a symbol of independence and self-improvement of this Central American island country. 

In this article, I will show you how to draw a macaw in five steps. We used Artify’s professional marker pen-set of 80. The rich color distribution, color mixing effect and precise line control ensure that we can fully capture all the posture and color display of the parrot. Using this kit will satisfy your passion for color and painting art.  


Step 1 Choose the right colors we need

We need to determine the main colors that we need first. We mainly use red, orange, yellow, blue, green, brown and other colors.
  • Feathers have a high degree of vividness, and the color selection is based on pure colors.
  • The gray of the mouth, face, and paws is used to balance the vividness of the whole picture.
Tips: You can casually unleash your imagination in the multiple colors.


Step 2 “Dressing” The Macaw
The feathers are arranged in the order of orange, red, yellow, green, blue, and dark red. coloring the feathers in sequence according to the color number and order shown in the figure.
  • The colors overlay of each part is from light to dark.
Tips:At this time, you will feel the visual impact of bright colors and excellent color blending effects.


Step 3 Add Texture To Feathers




  • Use the soft tip to draw feather lines, small areas and other details to create a three-dimensional picture.
  • Use the square tip to paint the large area you need.
The soft head brush is suitable for drawing details such as dots and lines. The side pressure pen can be used to draw color blocks of any size and shape.
The Square Head Brush is suitable for large-area flat coating to produce even color blocks. 





Step 4 Makeup The Macaw—Complete The Rest Part
  • Trunk: overlap Y000, Y529, Y48 from light to dark.
  • Paws, Mouth: use CG02,CG06,S to color the paws and mouth, then apply Y000, WG01 to the bright part of the mouth.
  • Overlap Y900, WG01 on the face to increase three-dimensional effects.
  • Overlap Y000, Y107, Y648 from light to dark to draw the eye.

Use the pen of the corresponding color number to paint the corresponding area, and finally use the highlight pen to draw the bright part of the feather, and add the feather layers.


Step 5 The Lively Parrot Appeared

Congratulations! you have just drawn a Macaw! This set of markers is quick-drying, so you hardly need to wait.

There are more than three hundred species of parrots in the world. They have different shapes and colors. Different color combinations enable you to find different pleasures in the process of painting. You can find them on the Internet, wildlife protection centers and natural ecology environment to get your painting materials. Artify professional marker sets with the different color can meet your painting needs. I believe you can get your painting inspiration in them. They will become your artistic partners and catch these beautiful birds together.

We’d love to hear from you, and we also look forward that you could share your artwork, so hope to see you in the section below!


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