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Artify creates fine art supplies for everyone who wants to find harmony in their artistic journey.


Art is the most direct way of expressing emotions, and it is also the most colorful presentation of life. The pursuit and yearning for art and beauty is the commonality of people. We have created an art stage for people who want to make room for art and creativity in life. If you are willing to use a paintbrush to capture, explore, record life and happiness, then join us! ! !


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In art painting, paintbrushes are our friends and accompany us to spend a lot of...

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on September 08, 2021

Food can bring happiness to our lives. Fast food is a friend who has accompanied...

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on September 07, 2021

It is a scene that you could never miss.   Today, we are going to draw...

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on August 17, 2021

Parrots, a variety of fruit-eating birds in tropical and subtropical forests, are admired or loved...

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on July 06, 2021

Strawberries are native to South America and is widely cultivated in various parts of China...

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on June 24, 2021

Light up your quarantining day with some dynamic strawberry pancakes – live on paper. Creating...

by ARTIFY ART SUPPLIES on May 21, 2021

What People Say About Us

I got these markers send to me to review and I can honestly say that I'm impressed by them! These markers blend together nicely, and flat blocks of colour look very smooth. They don't seem to darken as fast as other markers when you accidentally go over the same area with the same marker. The colours are vibrant and work well together. I really like the variety of shades they've chosen for this set. I have another set of Artify markers and there is actual variety of shades and colours between these two. I've been testing these markers in a 75lb sketchbook. While these markers will bleed through onto the next page, it is A LOT less then other markers that I have. If you stick a piece of lose paper behind the page you're working on, it will easily prevent it from staining the next page of your sketchbook. If this is your first set of markers, or if you just want some new colours I think this is a great set to consider! :)
July 21, 2020
These are gorgeous brushes. I've only used them once for acrylic paints and they performed like much more expensive brushes. They held paint well whether it was straight out of the tube or thinned out on the palette. They rinsed easily. None of the ones I used lost a single hair. The roll-up case is great. It protects them and prevents them from being bent out of shape plus doesn't take up much room.
Sandy H
June 17, 2021
I bounced around a few different alcohol marker brands until settling on this one based on reviews.. glad I did. The color saturation is nice and it flows very smoothly onto the paper. It was a smooth card stock that I used and it went on like butter. The brush tips feel very smooth. I have no problems with these markers at all.
Mario Cardenas
January 6, 2021
We bought one of these. It's a very high quality product, with supple bristles and finished wooden handles. My daughter used it for some of her art and it was very effective in producing a variety of brushstrokes! Very fair price and I love it! Whether it's a gift for your friends or to use for your art, we highly recommend it!
June 17, 2021
I’m pretty happy!! Very thick surprisingly pigmented, and super beautiful colors. What more can you ask for? if you’re wanting a good set of paint for a good price then you definitely want to get these. They are so satisfying!
August 28, 2020 FOLLOW US ON

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A Readme From Artify

“Self expression, mindfulness and resilience are inherent properties in creativity and making art”,Artify has always been adhering to this artistic concept. We are for people who want to make space for art and creativity in their lives, for this, we produce varies of quality, thoughtful art supplies for artists of all levels, ages and genders, that make daily practice possible and bring the happiness of art into every corner of life.